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14 Apr


30 Mar

I am currently in a professional production of Hairspray and thought it would be fun to share some images of the show with you. I am playing Amber, which is vastly different from any other role i’ve held; however, it is easily one of my favorites. Continue reading

Digital Media Course Review

7 Dec

Well, the semester is coming to a close, and it’s almost Christmas. YAY! Here are my thoughts on Digital Media as a whole.

I LOVE this class! There are days (everyday) when I think, “I don’t want to go to _____” (fill in blank with a non arts course), but I never thought that about this class. I love Digital Design, and I didn’t even know it. I knew I liked to write, and that I enjoy creative projects, but I didn’t realize that those two things came together in this class as well as they do.

I will not say that I feel comfortable with my computer skills, and I was wary about taking a class that was dependant on this. I have to say though, everything was slowly paced that involved the computer and I felt capable of keeping up and doing the work I was supposed to.  In design and photoshop  are by far my favorite parts of this class. I enjoy knowing that I could create a magazine cover or spread with my “skills.” Actually, I did employ my Indesign skills for my exit project .

I enjoy posting a blog every week, and I have always wanted to have one. This was perfect. I like having an area of homework that is not so strictly monitored by the school, where we are given the freedom to write what we like.  I wish I had more time to blog about things that were not required and I hope to keep this blog alive after the class (but we’l l see J ).

Captions were the only part of the class I was unsure about. My dislike was not because of the activity, but because people are terrible about responding to e-mails.

This class is great if you’re creative, if you’re not creative I feel it might be a struggle. But, I would definitely encourage everybody to take this class.

Digital Design- the bad examples:/

3 Dec

The areas to judge digital design are emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition and flow. Other than these areas I tend to also judge based on how easily I can navigate a website.


While FRA’s website is “pretty” it is graphically incorrect. The emphasis is scattered. The top blue bar draws you to look at it, while the bolded “students” does as well. The balance is not correct, due to the use of blue with a smattering of red in the box to the left, and the linked text. It is not aligned well. The picture in the upper right corner does not parallel the size of the red box to the left. The major issue I have with the page is the lack of flow. There is text along the top, text to the left, and text in the center. The texts that are grouped together don’t necessarily go together, making the page rather difficult to navigate.

Click here to see the page.


While I love Target, the page is difficult to navigate. My eye is not sure where to focus. There are two things that my eye is drawn to. The first is the design that runs up and down the sides of the page. The pattern is distracting. The second aspect is the  “Cyber Sale” in the center. While “Cyber Sale” is clearly the intended focus, I looked to the banners on the sides first. The page contrast is alright, with a balance of white and red, but the pictures on one side and not the other makes it unbalance in design and color. There are several repeated aspects, but the page seems fairly random. There are numerous “floating” objects in the page. These objects don’t have a clear border around them and are distracting. Because of the floating objects and the lack of clear focus the page does not flow well. In addition, the use of a pattern is distracting.

The page is cluttered!

to see it click here!

Animal Planet Logo:

This logo really bothers me. The fact that the M is turned sideways is the biggest thing. It is unnecessary, and it makes the flow bad. In addition the M is bigger than the rest of Animal. It bothers me that there is a size difference between Animal and planet. The only letter that I feel should be different in size is A. It is not balanced, there is no contrast because of the monotone color, and it does not flow well.

Animal Planet Logo


28 Nov

In my family, Thanksgiving is a rather large event, and you never know who will be there. This year there were around 30 people, more than 1/2 of which were not actually related to me.

For those of you who don’t know, Coach Taylor is my uncle. My whole life we have had Thanksgiving dinner at his parents’ house, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. My whole “family”, my mom’s sister and brother, their kids (who are grown), and my grandparents all live in town. Apart from that bunch, my mom’s step brother and step sister are at the celebration, as well as my Uncle Marc’s brother and sister, and their friends.  Mrs. Taylor is very open to people bringing friends, which always makes the celebration a bit more interesting. There’s always someone new to talk to.

Food wise, there is a standard menu that has been in place my whole life. My mom makes asparagus, stuffing, and green beans every year. My grandmother is in charge of corn pudding, pink cherry salad, orange salad, ham, and cranberry sauce. Mrs. Taylor provides the house, roles, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. My Aunt Beth brings the deserts. Billy, my mom’s step brother, who is the head of all food production and planning at Vanderbilt, is left in charge of the turkey (carving and whatnot).  There is always WAY too much food, and everyone is sent home with leftovers, no doubt!

There are not any set traditions for the event, due to the fact that the crowd changes a bit each year.

Ultimately, it’s a day of rest and heavy eating. In some families it’s a reunion, but all of my family lives in town, so its more of a casual meal together.

Aunt Beth and Rosemary sit and watch a slideshow of pictures from Thanksgivings past.

One of three dinner tables set prior to lunch.

Cody and Uncle Marc are happy campers after lunch!

Lunch is served.

Digital Design

18 Nov

The main aspects necessary for a well designed article or website are emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition and flow.

The following examples exhibit all of the correct format for a well designed article.

Vogue Theatre page online:

The Vogue website is fairly simplistic. There are generally only three colors used, including black, white, and red. The simplicity makes it sleek and easy to read. The emphasis of each page is clearly the main image at the top of the page. The image leads the reader’s eye to the center, as opposed to leading them to one side or the other.

The title is the second focus of the page.  The font is serif and is similar to a type-write, presenting a “classic” image. The contrast of the page is presented between the white background and the large bolded black test. However, there is a balance between the expanses of white and black text with random elements of red, as well as color pictures for each article posted. In a numerical sense, the white and black are not balanced; however, the use of white and black is not necessary to balance, considering they are not “real” colors.  The majority of the website is very structured and centered. The lines are strong and direct the reader to move down the page, as opposed to reading the ads that run along the sides. The only exception  to straight lines is the cascading effects of pictures under each section. The cascades are repeated in each row, making the partially unstructured portion of the page still structured.

To see the clean classic lines of Vogue’s theatre page click here!


A website I frequent often, Etsy’s clean and clear web design makes the site easy to navigate. Etsy is home for all crafters to sell their wares; moreover, every second there are more articles being added to the site. The main focus of the page is the “highlighted” group of items that are being profiled for the day. Aside from that there are several other divisions in the main portion of the page that clearly defined with bolded text. Along the side is a navigation bar with topics and divisions to select.

The emphasis is on the product, as it should be. Every day a vendor is selected and profiled. The focus of the page is on their products or the products they selected. There is a contrast between the items being profiled and the topics to select on the page with background color. Underneath the profiled items the background is white, causing the images of the items to stand out. The navigation bar is grey and does not draw attention. The site is balanced by having firm lines and repetitious boxes. There are three pictures per row, making the content of the page balanced. The site flows well, by leading the reader to view each image by scrolling down.

To see etsy click here!


Logos are seemingly overlooked, but they are also a great example of digital design, and they have the power to make or break a company, so to speak . Anthropologie is one of my favorite companies, and I have seen the logo countless times, but I have never truly taken the time to analyze the effectiveness.

The Anthropologie logo is fairly simple, consisting of only black text; however, it mimics an old fading typewriter. Outside of its digital importance, this faded typewriter effect is telling of the actual name of the store. Anthropology, spelled the “correct way” is academic and associated with type writers. By using its academic connotation the Anthropologie logo implies seriousness, while the fading is indicative of the different spelling and shows innovation or change.

The contrast, balance, and flow are clear in the Anthropologie logo. It is classic. While it does not use color or font to make a statement, the simplicity does the work. Alignment is a give in in the logo, as is repetition, considering it is a line of text.

I know I could spot the logo a mile away. Its simplicity sets it apart.

Anthropologie Logo

The Walking Dead

11 Nov

I was thrilled when I found out AMC had a new sunday series for me to watch (after the conclusion of this season on MADMEN); however, my excitement lessened after watching the first episode on Halloween and biting my fingernails off in a panic. I enjoy a great horror movie with the best of them, but I am not sure can watch a horror series? The ideas of zombies and isolation are combined with the classic AMC trait of adultery, creating a hybrid horror drama.

Despite my trepidation of zombie madness occurring every sunday for fourteen weeks, I was impressed by the innovations that were made to the idea of zombies. As opposed to the idea of zombies being “infected” flesh eaters, AMC’s zombies are actual walking dead called “walkers”. Characteristically zombies only thirst for human flesh, but these zombies eat animal insides and flesh as well. These subtle changes to the characteristics of zombies impact plot lines in a large way. (After seeing a horse having its intestines torn out by a mob of zombies I became sure of this idea.) The zombies can still be killed by a knock on the head, which was a major idea that remained intact.

I admire AMC for having the gumption to host a horror show and do look forward to the weeks of survival in a world filled with the walking dead.